Boost your Jigoshop sales by showing off random products in the sidebar!

Quickly add and configre this powerfull widget powered by famous "5sec concept" by Web factory.

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A must have widget for any shop

This easy to setup yet powerfull widget will make your sidebar more appealing and interesting to users by displaying new products each time they open a new page.

  • show as many products as you like from all or one specific category
  • choose from 4 default Jigoshop thumbnail sizes
  • hide products that are out of stock
  • modify products display layout with an easy template system - no file editing!


  • WordPress v3.2 or greater
  • Jigoshop v0.9 or greater
  1. Download the ZIP package from CodeCanyon.
  2. Open WordPress admin and go to Plugins -> Add New -> Upload. Browse for the ZIP file on your computer and hit "Install Now".
  3. Activate the plugin.
  1. Deactivate and delete the plugin in your WP admin -> Plugins.
  2. Use the Add New -> Upload function to upload the new plugin ZIP file.
  3. Activate the plugin.
Post install 5sec tutorial
  1. Open Appearance - Widgets
  2. Drag "Jigoshop: Random Products" widget to any sidebar
  3. Configure widget's options and click "Save"


  • Title - widget title
  • Category - random products can be pulled from all categories or from a specific one
  • Number of products to show - choose as many as you want
  • Show out of stock products - if checked out of stock product will also be shown
  • Thumbnail size - choose one of 4 predefined Jigoshop product image sizes
  • Product layout template - layout of each product shown in the widget constructed by using the variables described below. WP shortcodes are fully supported.
Product template variables
  • {name} - product name
  • {link} - URL to product page
  • {description} - product description
  • {price} - product price
  • {image} - complete <img> element
  • {stock} - number of products in stock
  • {availability} - product availability description

Widget will never show a product that is currently viewed on site. Ie: if a customer has a single product page of a red bike opened widget will not show that bike as a random product.
Widget's container element has a class of "wf_jigoshop_random_product" while each product is placed in it's own LI with the class of "random_product" and the parent UL with class "product_list_random".


Will it work on my theme?

Yes! Jigoshop Random Product Widget works with all themes but it works best with Jigoshop themes.

Will it work with my plugins?

Yes! Jigoshop Random Product Widget works with all plugins.

Will this plugin slow my site down?

No. Although the plugin will run several database queries to fetch random products it wont have any affect on your site's speed.

How many random product widgets can I create?

As many as you like.